PEGS-The Chain Episode 49



Kyron.Bio is revolutionizing drug production with its Next Generation Bioproduction Platform that will make the production of therapeutics easier, cheaper and faster. Voldborg and McLaughlin talk about their shared vision for using synthetic biology to improve the production of therapeutic proteins.


Bjørn Voldborg, Head, National Biologics Facility, DTU Bioengineering, Technical University of Denmark
Bjørn Voldborg has more than 20 years of experience working with recombinant protein expression from both academic and industrial settings. Bjørn was team leader in the biotech company Pharmexa A/S, responsible for molecular cloning and expression of protein-based drug candidates. From this, he went to the NNF Center for Protein Research at the University of Copenhagen as Head of the Protein Production Unit, and, since 2012, Bjørn has been heading the CHO Cell Line Engineering project dedicated to the engineering of improved protein production cell factories, and since 2021 he has been heading the Cell Line and Protein Production in the National Biologics Facility at the Technical University of Denmark.

Emilia McLaughlin, founder of
Emilia McLaughlin holds a PhD in cell and molecular biology from Institut Pasteur, Paris and an MSc in Biochemistry from University College London. She has published five peer-reviewed scientific papers and has been awarded numerous academic research grants, including the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant, Foundation Recherche Médicale, and the Amgen Scholar’s award, and has worked at GlaxoSmithKline and the Zoological Society for London.

Emilia founded in 2021 as a solo female founder. Since then, she has recruited a world class scientific team to deliver the initial proof of concept study, has secured private equity funding and several prestigious research grants including the Women Tech grant from the EU, and the Bourse French Tech Emergence and Innov’UP from BPI France. Originally from the UK, Emilia founded in Paris.

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