Masimo Morbidelli

Dr. Morbidelli is a world-renowned expert in protein purification with over 600 publications, 11 international patents, and 4 books. Since 1997, he has been the Professor of Chemical Reaction Engineering at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. His main research interest is currently in the area of integrated continuous up and downstream processes for the purification of therapeutic proteins, their PEGylation reactions, and other processes of interest in the pharmaceutical industry. He is a cofounder of ChromaCon Ltd., a spin-off company from his research group, which brings new chromatographic processes (MCSGP-technology) for the purification of proteins and peptides to the market and of DataHow Ltd. for the application of data science in Biotechnology. Massimo Morbidelli received his Laurea in Chemical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, and PhD at the University of Notre Dame.
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