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Lars Linden, PhD, Head, Protein Biochemistry, Biologics Research, Bayer Lars Linden is Head of the Protein Biochemistry group in Biologics Research at Bayer and responsible for production of research compounds and tools in biologics projects of Bayer’s early research pipeline. He is responsibly for Developability Assessments of biologics at Bayer . He is also caretaker of the iBET (Portugal) collaboration. Lars joined Bayer in 2007 during the acquisition of Schering AG were he had worked as a lab head in protein biochemistry. Previously he worked crystallization of GPCRs and ion channels in a small biotech company “m-phasys”. Lars received his PhD from the Technical University in Munich for his work on structural biology of plant enzymes, being member of Robert Hubers X-ray crystallography group at the Max-Planck Institute for Biochemistry
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