February 22, 2018
11 am to 12 pm EST

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Webinar Description:

Stop quantifying proteins one by one. Come learn how Lunatic is the only system for quantifying multiple protein samples in one run, eliminating any need for dilutions and risk of cross contamination, even at concentrations as high as 200 mg/ml IgG. A comparison with commonly used spectrophotometers will illustrate how Lunatic improves your workflow by:

  • Measuring undiluted up to 275 OD
  • Reading up to 96 samples in only 5 minutes
  • Using only 2 µL of sample
  • Ensuring precision and accuracy by fixed path lengths


Tony Montoye

Director, Product Marketing

Unchained Labs

Mr. Montoye holds a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences from VIB/Ghent University. His prior experience includes research as the co-developer of a new technology to detect intracellular protein-protein interactions. As part of the Trinean founding team, Mr. Montoye has about 10 years' experience in microfluidics and biomolecule QC, starting as application scientist to his current position as Director, Product Marketing for Lunatic at Unchained Labs.

Dawn Kernaghan

Senior Scientist

Global Tech Ops

Ms. Kernaghan holds a MS degree in Chemistry from University of Maryland, College Park. She has over 10 years of analytical biochemistry method development experience in industry, including evaluation of new technologies for high throughput capability and automation. She is currently an Analytical Technical Lead for method transfers (PPQ and post-commercial) in the Global Technical Operations Analytical group at AstraZeneca.