Has your company recently generated excited scientific data? Have you recently helped one of your clients solve their scientific challenges? This breakthrough needs to be communicated within the life science community. CHI’s Whitepaper Program is an effective vehicle for educating your target audience while generating a minimum of either 100 or 200 actionable leads. Our robust and syndicated database comprises 800,000 life science professionals, most of whom are senior-level professionals attending our conferences. CHI’s experienced marketers will mine this database to ensure we are delivering decision makers within your target audience.

Choose from two different Whitepaper options:

CHI will host and promote client’s existing whitepaper on our website and deliver 100 or 200 leads guaranteed.

CHI will design and execute marketing campaigns to achieve the attendance goal and to target client’s specific demographics. CHI’s database can be mined multiple ways: Geography, Company Type (Pharma, Biotech, Academia), Areas of Interest (Genomics, Sequencing, Diagnostics, Cloud Computing, Informatics, etc), and/or Prospect Titles.

CHI’s professional writing and publishing team writes, designs, and produces a custom paper of up to eight pages in length for the client. The whitepaper is developed around a topic of choice following an input meeting by phone. The paper cover is co-branded with client’s name and CHI’s. The contributing editor’s name is bylined. Custom papers are top-quality, written to a client’s needs and final approval. Lead time for a custom white paper is 2-3 months.

CHI’s custom white paper program can take on a product or services marketing slant. Or, they can be written as thought leading pieces that do little direct selling, but establish a lot of good will while building sponsor credibility within their market segments. A custom paper can also provide the combination of promotion and thought-leadership on a specific topic. CHI’s writer would schedule an input meeting with the client’s team before writing begins to determine the project’s direction. It is then followed by an outline, a preliminary draft, and a final draft. It’s a well-developed process, created to give the client high value.

  • Develop an informative whitepaper that provides up-to-date science or technology news that the life science community will be interested in accessing.
  • Whitepaper topics ideas: Informative article, interview with an industry leader or case study.
  • Providing a clear call to action, that does not involve a sales pitch.
  • Keep your content fresh by supplying more than one whitepapers to assist in delivering the 100 leads.

For more information on package details and benefits, please contact:

Patty Rose
(+1) 781.972.1349