CHI has a proven track record of meeting and exceeding our lead generation guarantee. Here's what some of our clients had to say about our services:

“I am keen to work with CHI again for another set of multiple webinars, with one each quarter. Their ability to reach our target audience has resulted in several closed deals, totaling in six figures of revenue.” Director of Marketing, Metabolon 

"These participants are spot on with our intended target demographics! Looks GREAT!” - Sr. Dir, Bus Dev – Kiyatec  

"We worked with CHI/Bio-IT on a few lead generation programs, including two white paper syndications, all of which were tremendously fruitful. We generated highly qualified leads and some turned into an immediate business.” - Director of Marketing at Reprints Desk, Inc.  

“We have leveraged CHI’s global reach and brand recognition to effectively promote our webinars which have resulted in hundreds of high quality leads for our business.”–Sr. Director, Marketing, Agena Bioscience

“Working with CHI to generate targeted, qualified prospects has been an excellent experience for Computype; they’ve delivered on everything promised. We couldn’t be happier with both the quality and quantity of the outcome.”–Kelly Hansen, Marketing Project Manager, Computype, Inc.

“Quanterix is developing a revolutionary ultra-sensitive platform for protein detection based on its Simoa technology. To augment market development efforts in preparation for a commercial launch, Quanterix engaged with CHI on several events, ranging from a market research survey to multiple webinars. CHI has been very easy to work with, responsive, and very effective in generating high quality marketing leads that greatly exceeded our expectations. Simply put, CHI delivered!”–David Hanlon, Director, Business Development and Strategic Collaborations, Quanterix

“The Gyros, Inc. webinar series with CHI Healthtech has broadened our reach to the biotherapeutic market globally. CHI has provided access to their mailing list of over 700,000 contacts and a marketing engine to promote, execute and obtain continuing qualified interest in key target markets related to each webinar. They work with us collaboratively to continually improve promotion, best practices and ROI reporting for a successful webinar program that has increased Gyros’ reach, registration, attendance and more importantly market awareness and lead generation for immunoassays in life sciences.”–Joy Concepcion, Marketing Manager, Gyros, Inc.

“CHI has helped us further penetrate the Life Sciences industry using successful lead generation programs with a high degree of professionalism and delivered clear and measurable ROI. We have been able to leverage their deep knowledge of the market as well as broaden our awareness in the marketplace. Their turnkey solution means they do all the legwork - all we had to do was create the content and show up to deliver the webinar! We look forward to developing our long-term relationship.”–Richard Heitmann, VP, Marketing, Aspera

“Working with CHI to host our webinars has been a successful experience from start to finish. The CHI team is consistent, supportive and readily available to answer questions and provide updates on the status of the events. Their marketing efforts, coupled with our presentation of novel translational research services, has introduced Biomodels to hundreds of connections, some quickly turning into clients.”–Ashlee Coyne, Business Development Manager, Biomodels

“KMC Systems worked with CHI to produce our very first webinar. This webinar, about how Streck Inc. partnered with KMC Systems to successfully develop a rapid, 6-color, randomly-accessible, real-time PCR instrument, drew great interest and brought several new visitors to the website. The process was seamless and the result is an intelligent, comprehensive and professional webinar that continues to attract a growing list of followers.”- Stacy Tuccolo, Marketing Manager, KMC Systems

“SomaLogic has developed a transformational proteomics platform based on a new class of superior binding reagents, Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamers, or SOMAmers. From discovery through to individual assays, SomaLogic’s products and services offer a single platform which is no-compromise proteomics solution. Being new to the marketplace, CHI webinars and conferences have been critically important tools to disseminate the message. Additionally, the CHI team has always been a genuine pleasure to work with.”– Evan King, Executive Director, Business Operations, SomaLogic

"Our webinar this year has kept me busy for two weeks with follow-ups.” - Dr. Richard Sonnenblick, President & CEO, Enrich Consulting