Has your company recently generated excited scientific data? Have you recently helped one of your clients solve their scientific challenges? This breakthrough needs to be communicated within the life science community. CHI’s Podcast Program is an effective vehicle for educating your target audience while generating a minimum of either 100 or 200 actionable leads. Our robust and syndicated database comprises 800,000 life science professionals, most of whom are senior-level professionals attending our conferences. CHI’s experienced marketers will mine this database to ensure we are delivering decision makers within your target audience.

  • Includes a phone recorded Q&A with one of our editors and a representative from your organization or with one of your KOLs lasting approximately 10-15 minutes around a technology topic, new product release, viewpoint, etc.
  • Your co-branded custom podcast can be used following our host period on your organization's website, or as a continuing sales tool that proficiently addresses key deliverables offered by your industry solutions.
  • Podcasts are best done in a series. 
  • Podcasts are usually held in an interview format with either a member of your company, a customer or an industry thought leader.
  • Our Editorial Director is available to conduct the podcast interview, if you wish.  
  • While the podcast is playing, we create a slide as a visual which will have information about the speaker and your company.
  • Our marketing team will create the visual slide for your podcast and will send to you for approval.

For more information on package details and benefits, please contact:  

Patty Rose
(+1) 781.972.1349